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Five things in five minutes
Friday 4 May, 2018

This week the humble trivia game is getting a high-tech makeover, Ford breaks down visual barriers for the blind, and Haagen-Dasz sets out to save the honey bee. Oh, and May the Fourth be with you!

1. Under Armour launches interactive trivia
Trivia is getting a HD makeover. Under Armour has created trivia app StephIQ, which will go live when basketball superstar Stephen Curry scores his first three-pointer during the NBA playoffs. 

2. Fitbit and Google collaborate 
Fitbit has announced it will use Google's new cloud Healthcare API to connect its wearable fitness devices to electronic medical records systems used by doctors and hospitals. The collaboration aims to allow doctors to gain crucial medical data straight from patients' wrists.  

3. Ford launches 'Feel the View'

Ford Italy has launched a campaign allowing blind passengers to 'see' out of car windows. The Feel the View project converts live pictures of the outside world into a grey-scale, tactile illustration. 

4. A bee's eye view 
Celebrating its ten-year commitment to saving local bee populations, Haagen-Dazs has produced a unique VR experience generating lots of buzz. By shrinking users down to honey-bee size, they can experience the world from a bee's perspective and find out how they can help arrest the alarming population decline.  

5. Meet the new Jetsons
A real estate developer in Miami has decided to fly in the face of traditional transport, announcing the world's first residential skyport atop the Paramount Miami World Centre. The 5,000 square foot landing strip is set to become reality in 2023. 

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