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Five things in five minutes
Friday 16 March, 2018

This week we’re taking inspiration from the annual South by Southwest (SXSW) festival and getting a heads-up on the latest in artificial intelligence, chatbots, and downloadable food. 

1. ‘Download’ food from anywhere in the world

The instant meal is getting a pixelated makeover with Open Meal’s new ‘Pixel Food Printer’, which 3D prints edible pixelated dishes right in front of your eyes. Seriously.

2. YouTube to combat hoaxes with ‘information cues’

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki has committed to combatting misinformation, announcing “information cues” linking to third-party sources could appear under some videos. In a move to limit false information, the small text box with links to sites like Wikipedia will appear around videos regarding conspiracies that have a “significant debate”, such as the moon landing.

3. Quartz’s new Facebook Chatbot is changing the way we consume news

Digital news outlet Quartz unveiled its Quartz for Messenger at SXSW. Using AI, it serves news the way you like it – a brief skim or a more in-depth analysis. One to keep an eye on in the wake of ‘fake news’, this new bot is promising to change the way we receive our daily news.

4. Pandora introduces personalised audio clips 

“If you had to make your own personal sound, what would it sound like?” That’s the question Pandora is answering with its Music Genome Project at SXSW. Using facial recognition and analysing genomes attached to 10,000 songs, it’s the ultimate in personal playlists.

5. Samsung’s adorable AI assistants

Samsung’s C-Lab, the in-house start-up which turns engineers’ free-time projects into usable products, has created Toonsquare, a technology that uses AI to convert sentences into cartoons. With the ability to turn cartoon panels into comic strips, picture diaries or single shareable images, Toonsquare is adding a little personality to AI.     

Images: Google

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