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Five things in five minutes
Friday 9 March, 2018

This week, we have a look at The Oscars, cryptocurrency, using AI to increase engagement, and an impressive ‘non-traditional’ use of drones. Yes, it’s the latest Five things in five minutes.

1. YouTube tests new ‘green screen’ feature  
Engineers at Google have developed a new tool that uses AI and machine learning to replace the background in videos - similar to the way a green screen works. Users will now be able to personalise their YouTube background with a funny or cool image. Or an uncool image, depending which end of the internet spectrum you are on…

2. What PR pros can learn from the Oscars

PR Daily explains how the storylines of each of this year’s nominees provide nine valuable PR lessons for us to incorporate into our work.

3. Uber’s co-founder is creating a new cryptocurrency

Uber founder Garrent Camp has launched a new cryptocurrency that promises to save energy and ensure network stability. Here’s the kicker: when Eco launches next year, Camp is going to give away 50% of the trillion coins he plans to release.

4. Is SXSW the new Cannes?

And will it go the same (eventual) way? What started out as a music festival and morphed into the world’s coolest tech festival (both Twitter and Foursquare were launched at SXSW) may have had its day, according to some. Of course, this is angrily refuted by its supporters. Whatever its future holds, nearly half a million expected to attend, it seems like it’s still viable in anyone’s language. SXSW kicks off this weekend in Austin, Texas.

5. Who needs fireworks?

To celebrate Chinese New Year, the city of Xi’an, China orchestrated a light show using 300 drones. Inspiration for Vivid, perhaps?


Images: Google

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