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Five things in five minutes
Friday 2 March, 2018

We’re (somehow) already stuck into the third month of the year and social media marketing, crazy technologies and captivating advertising techniques are full steam ahead. Read on for our latest 5 things in 5 minutes!

1.       Dolce & Gabbana’s newest glam squad

Instead of using human models to carry their latest handbag collection down the catwalk, D&G used a squadron of drones. Is this the future of fashion

2.       Public relations + influencers = the perfect match

Getting the public to trust your brand is crucial. Brands are seen in a more positive light when consumers see a partnership with influencers that they deeply trust – 92 percent of consumers trust influencers more than advertising or celebrity endorsements

3.       Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Spotify all rolled into one app?

Billionaire businessman Ayman Hariri launched his app Vero because he was frustrated by the news algorithms used by major social media sites. No algorithms means no selling of your data to advertisers. Oh, and they have no advertising anyway. Hitting number 1 in Apple's US App Store charts, Vero seems like an app designed to make the people happy

4.       Facebook’s mission to make Internet cheaper across the world

At the recent Mobile World Congress, Facebook didn’t have a big, obvious presence at the trade show, however, they made their next company goal crystal clear: Facebook is committed to making internet access cheaper and easier. With the social media giant announcing that it has connected 20,000 people in Peru to the internet already, Facebook will continue to work with tech companies to tackle issues associated with network coverage and affordability

5.       Major corporations connecting with rhyme

Coca-Cola, Microsoft and Under Armour are just a few of the brands that have employed one of the oldest literary arts, poetry, to achieve a personal connection to their brands. Short poems have become an approachable way of advertising, especially to young people, with consumers being told a message without feeling like they’re being sold to. Looks like everything old is new again - again.


Image: Time Magazine

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