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Five things in five minutes
Friday 2 February, 2018

Another eventful week in the world of PR and digital gossip. Here’s the latest and greatest in our ever-changing digital landscape.

1.       Schedule your Instagram posts with the Instagram Graph API

Social media managers rejoice! Instagram has revealed that businesses are now able to schedule their posts. Ryan Holmes, CEO of Hootsuite, stated that the scheduling and publishing of Instagram content is a well-overdue feature and is the number one request for their 16 million customers

2.       Fake Twitter followers: even Trump has them

Twitter seems to be making an effort to get rid of bots (which sell fake Twitter followers). It’s estimated 15% of all Twitter accounts are run by bots. The unintended (and unexpected) effect has been dramatic drops in high profile Twitter users’ followers overnight as the bots get taken out. Fake news, fake followers. Maybe The Don will Tweet about it

3.       Bitcoin and cryptocurrency ads banned from Facebook

Facebook continues to head down a more humble, human avenue by protecting its users from misleading or deceptive financial and promotional activity

4.       This year’s must-watch Super Bowl ads

More exciting than the game are the big budget Super Bowl ads. Cindy Crawford once again drinking Pepsi like it’s the 80s and David Schwimmer teases us with a host of Skittles ads made for an audience of one. Enjoy

5.       Nasdaq’s mega sale

For a mere US$335 million, Nasdaq has sold its PR, webcasting and web-hosting business to West Corporation. Equivalent to a whopping AUD$441 million, Nasdaq will supposedly use proceeds from the sale to repurchase shares.

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