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Five things in five minutes
Thursday 25 January, 2018

One thing’s for sure: the first month of 2018 certainly hasn’t lacked in fascinating stories on the digital and social media front. Here’s what’s going on behind those enchanting bright screens of ours.

1.       The latest in Instagram features

Au revoir, Snapchat. With Instagram trialling a new ‘type’ feature, allowing users to DM each other with text-based messages, will we continue to have a need for both social media networks

2.       Making the grand slam a happy slam? Priceless :)

Sponsors of the Australian Open, Mastercard, have released their AO Fanbot – an app within Facebook Messenger which will change the future of sporting events. Enabling attendees to order food from their smartphone, receive the daily schedules as soon as they’re released, and be rewarded with ‘priceless’ surprises, how’s that for engaging

3.       We choo choo choose Twitter

A Melbourne mamma turned to social media to prove to her four-year-old that female train drivers really do exist

4.       Cleaning YouTube of #TidePodChallenge videos

The #TidePodChallenge is simply one of the most ridiculous viral crazes we’ve heard of: teenagers (mostly) eating laundry pods full of poison, all in the name of Internet fame. However, the good Samaritans at YouTube have decided that enough’s enough, taking measures to delete the content as it encourages harmful behaviour.

We’ve gotta give it to Tide though… their latest Twitter post assisted in getting the message across to the young ‘uns

5.       ‘The truth has a voice’ campaign

With the #MeToo movement gaining even more momentum, a simple New York Times ad with no spoken words or pictures rocketed to the top of the weekly viral video charts in the US. The ad typographically represents the struggles women have gone through to get their truth heard. It debuted during the Golden Globes and has had over 27 million views in a week!

image: Emaze 

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