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Five things in five minutes
Friday 4 August, 2017

Instagram bots helping buddling influencers/brands, Pinterest = the queen of searches and Coca-Cola’s beloved bottles ad venture. Here’s five things in five minutes to wrap up your week.

1.        Instagram bots helping budding influencers/brands

The use of Instagram bots has become increasingly popular, many for the promotion of start-ups and new brands who cannot afford their own marketing team.  Find out more here

2.       Pinterest = Queen of searches

Pinterest is placing their search function at the front and centre of their app interface to emphasise their primary aim to be a search engine. More here.

3.       Coca Cola’s Beloved bottles!

Coca Cola has created its most recent ad venture in stop motion. See the video here.

4.       Facebook’s latest development in video chat technology.

Facebook is working on a new device to re-invent the video communication space. The laptop sized creation is set to hit the market next year. More  here.

5.       Snapchat delve into a new data deal

Snap is set to introduce a new data measurement program focusing on marketing mix modelling (MMM) in a bid to compete with media giants, Facebook and Google. Read more here.

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