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Five things in five minutes

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Five things in five minutes
Friday 28 July, 2017

Orii puts your smartphone on your finger, Microsoft says goodbye to paint and Facebook creates its own gadget. Here’s five things in five minutes to wrap up your week.

1.       ORII puts a smartphone on your finger

ORII is a new smart ring that gives you complete hands-free control of your smartphone by using bone conduction technology. Find out here how it can be yours for as little as $99.

2.       Microsoft erases paint

Say goodbye to everyone’s favourite editing program, Paint. Microsoft updates software to Windows 10 and paint is sadly left out. Read more here.

3.       Facebook welcomes you to the HomePod

Want to talk to your loved ones on Facebook while cooking dinner? Now you can! Introducing Facebook’s new smart speaker technology! Check it out here.

4.       Nokia has come a long way from snakes and ladders

Nokia prepares to launch their new device Nokia 8, mid-August. Rumour has it, the phone will be available in gold. Check it out here.

5.       Adobe’s accidental leak

Project Nimbus is Adobes latest creation, feels similar to Photos app and iCloud — but on steroids. Get the lowdown,  here.

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