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Five things in five minutes
Thursday 18 May, 2017

Find out what you missed from Google I/O, Nike kicks off the world’s first LED running track and Instagram tests location stories. Here’s five things in five minutes to wrap up your week.

Get in on the action from Google I/O

From Android stats to, catch up on all the Google announcements here.

Nike kicks off the world’s first LED running track

Nike has constructed a pop-up running track in the shape of a shoe (of course!) in the centre of Manila, where runners take part in race against themselves! Watch the video here.


Instagram introduces filters to its app to tick the final box in successfully stealing Snapchat’s thunder. Instagram is also in the process of testing location stories, compiling publicly shared Instagram stories tagged with a location sticker. Find out about the filters here and check out the location stories here.

How much can you handle?

Product placement and brand logos on TV in China is next level. Companies are pushing to get their brands seen by China’s enormous audience. Find out more here.

Coca-Cola breaks the targeting mould

Our favourite soft drink company Coca-Cola has created a strategic way to target and reach its audience using social media. Find out more here.

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