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Five things in five minutes
Friday 16 December, 2016

Apple’s top apps, memes that ruled the internet, and this year’s top ads.

Here’s the best apps, ads and trends of 2016.

  1. Photo editing apps, strategy games and the popular virtual reality app Pokémon Go made the list of most popular content for Apple’s ‘Best of 2016’ list. We’re also loving Apple’s wrap up of most downloaded books, movies and music for this year.
  2. This year, the internet was a rollercoaster of emotions. From the grief surrounding Harambe to the strangely relatable Evil Kermit meme, 2016’s most popular memes poked fun at news, politics and even ourselves. Check out the list here.
  3. There’s drama, comedy and an obligatory Christmas ad in this year’s AdWeek top 10 advertisements. We love the colour in the Morton Salt collaboration with OK Go, but we can’t go past the Apple Music classic with Taylor Swift. See if your favourite ad made the cut here
  4. Social Media has evolved so much this year, it’s hard to keep up! We’ve seen the growth of live video across nearly all platforms, a ‘Stories’ feature across Instagram and Snapchat, and changes to advertising and e-commerce. Read the list here.
  5. Brand engagement is at odds with Facebook’s incorrect metrics in Marketing Dive’s biggest wins and losses for 2016. This year saw marketers take on board new VR and AR technology, but obtrusive ads and fake news sites still plague the industry.

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