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Five things in five minutes
Thursday 1 December, 2016

2016’s hottest tech announced, CNN invests in storytelling, and Jeremy Clarkson launches DRIVETRIBE.

Here’s five things in five minutes to wrap up your week.

Snapchat is crowned this year’s hottest digital brand in AdWeek’s annual list of the hottest apps, games and gadgets of 2016. See if your favourite tech made the list.

Loved playing soccer with friends on Messenger? Facebook’s instant games brings variety to your Messenger gaming and is available right on the message thread! Check the feature out here.

YouTube Celebrity Casey Neistat has been recruited by American broadcaster CNN to debut a fresh media brand focused on younger demographics. Read more about the move here.

Car addicts unite! Jeremy Clarkson’s much-anticipated image-based social media platform DRIVETRIBE went live Monday.

Google takes over our ears as the company announces GoodFest music festivals across America, using live streaming and virtual reality. Read more about the festival here.

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