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Five things in five minutes
Friday 26 August, 2016

Swipe right for Australia’s next Bachelor of the Year, Google ventures into Daydream and Lisn launches social music sharing with friends. 

Here’s five things in five minutes from the team at Access.

Would you swipe right for Australia’s Bachelor of the Year? In a first for Tinder Australia, the popular dating platform has partnered with Bauer Media’s Cosmopolitan to run the competition solely through the app. Any male can nominate himself, simply adding #TinderForCosmoBachelorOfTheYear to his profile and wait for matches! Happy swiping!

Google expands on its current virtual reality offering with the announcement of Google Daydream. Daydream is the predecessor to Google’s debut VR offering, Google Cardboard, offering a higher-end experience with a high resolution headset, motion sensitive controller and software-like apps and games. You can expect to get your hands on the device early November

Ever wished you could share a new song with a long distance friend? Lisn, a streaming-based social app, allows users to stream, chat and share tracks in real-time with friends via SoundCloud or Spotify. The free app is currently only available for IOS, and co-founders of Lisn are hopeful it’ll soon be available for use on Android and Apple Music.

YouTube is stepping up the competition against traditional television with the revolution of content searching and streaming. The new television app aims to combat the previously tedious ‘letter-by-letter’ search mechanism by utilising recommendations and video categories, making it easier for viewers who watch videos from their TV rather than mobile device. Keep your eye out for the Australian release date.

Finally, LinkedIn has moved to boost user engagement with the release of Influencer videos. More than 500 prominent influencers have recorded short video clips sharing insight on workplace trends, culture and innovation – shared on the influencer’s network. Connections can engage with a variety of influencers from different industries through comments, and can view what the influencers say about related topics through their profile.  

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