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Five things in five minutes
Thursday 18 August, 2016

Facebook algorithms drop engagement, Google launches into video calling and Snapchat delves into your memories.

Here’s five things in five minutes to round off your week!

This week, Instagram took another step towards video content with its new events channel. Similar to Snapchat Stories, the events channel in Explore aims to highlight user-perspectives at an event. This feature isn’t available yet in Australia although we can expect to see more diverse video content from brands and users in the future!

Long suspected and finally proven, Facebook publishers’ organic reach has dipped 52% between January and mid-July 2016. Research from Social Flow suggests that the severe drop is due to the recent change in algorithm, with the social Goliath emphasising posts from friends over brands. Video content continues to be a favourite on Facebook, racking up eight times the reach of a standard post!

Snapchat is finally allowing uploads from outside the app with its new Memories function. Gone are the days of raw, unedited content, users can now upload photos directly from the device’s camera roll, edit through Snapchat and finally post to the user’s story. We’re predicting to see more polished Snaps from brands and celebs… #nofilter

Google is dipping its toes into the world of video calling with the launch of Google Duo. Aiming to rival FaceTime for calling dominance, the app provides easy-to-use functionality for all smart devices. Despite a larger audience, only time will tell if Google’s ambitious release pays off.

Finally, the increasing demand for video content has reached Pinterest, who released promoted videos this week. Pinners can expand branded videos to another separate tab, with interactive, scrollable products listed below to explore. The video content is the first Pinterest-specific promotion available and is expected to be the first of many new features and tools to help brands maximise the platform’s potential.

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