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Five things in five minutes
Thursday 11 August, 2016

The Facebook camp debuts another Snapchat lookalike, Virtual Reality becomes customisable and Twitter debuts the Unlock Card.

Here’s five things in five minutes to wrap up the working week.

This week Facebook introduced a Snapchat-like photo feature to celebrate the opening ceremony of #Rio2016. Just like Snapchat, CameraFeed makes it easier to share quick snaps with your Facebook friends with filters you can overlay on your face. Although, don’t go deleting Snapchat just yet, the pilot test was only available in Brazil and Canada during the opening ceremony.

For those big kids out there, Visionary VR is allowing users to truly create and experience their own virtual world! A first for the virtual reality field, Mindshow allows players to get creative, crafting characters, scenes and narratives to produce their own shareable, interactive content. For those itching to create for themselves, Mindshow is in the early stages of rollout and has just opened up sign-ups for early access. Get in quick!

The 'we didn't expect this' award this week goes to Facebook. The social channel announced plans this week to challenge Google's search advertising dominance. Citing an excellent consumer use case, Facebook aims to make consumer interaction with businesses an organic experience. Google and Facebook are arguably the two biggest players in the internet advertising world, and the battle between both giants will definitely be one to watch!

Also this week, Facebook has finally rolled out its new-look brand pages. The sleek new pages have been making their way online for a few months now, and feature larger cover photos and lack advertising on the right-hand side of desktop pages. We're loving the easier page navigation and a more obvious call-to-action button for customers.

Twitter is giving users the opportunity to unlock custom brand content through promoted tweets. Unlock Card allows brands to choose to feature a call to action through a customisable hashtag which users then tweet for exclusive access to content. Supporting the new conversational buzz is advanced analytics which aim to help brands keep track of all the conversation around the campaign.

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