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Five things in five minutes
Friday 5 August, 2016

Twitter announces new #Rio2016 emojis, Snapchat brings life to Sydney with a new range of geofilters and Instagram launches Stories.

Here’s five things in five minutes to cap off the working week from the team at Access!

Instagram has taken a leaf out of Snapchat’s book with the launch of Instagram Stories. The new feature allows you to share moments of your day with your followers that appear together in a slideshow format. Worried about over posting? Instagram has ensured the photos and videos will disappear 24 hours after posting – and they won’t appear on your profile.

Twitter once again has fuelled our love of emojis, releasing hundreds of purpose-made #Rio2016 designs. By Tweeting coded hashtags, such as #GRE for Greece or #Olympics – miniature flags, wreaths and medals appear within your Tweet. The emojis have not only captured all 207 countries competing in #Rio2016, but all sports and even a specific opening ceremony design – GO for Gold!

We all count the number of wall posts we receive on our birthday (don’t pretend that’s not true). Now, Facebook has tied up your birthday wishes in a bow, in the form of the new Facebook birthday video feature. Similar to the platform’s Friend’s Day video, it captures all your friend’s wishes and photos into one video viewable the day after your birthday. All posts featured on the video can be added or deleted before sharing with friends on your timeline.  

Snapchat has gifted grateful Sydney-siders 50 new geofilters. The filters add variety to the previous (bland!) seagull font and allows geo-specific filters across the greater Sydney area.

Also new in Snapchat, the app is beginning to appeal to the older generation! The Wall Street Journal estimates that close to 15% of smartphone users aged 35 and over are using Snapchat, rising from 2% in 2013. Experts suggest it’s too early to tell if Snapchat’s day is over, and only time will tell if the demographics will swing away from the predominantly Millennial audience. Happy snapping everyone!

Enjoy the weekend!

The Access Team

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