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Five things in five minutes
Friday 15 July, 2016

Some of our favourite viral videos have been revealed as fake, YouTube artist revenue reveals potential decline in ad sales, a phone-charging stroller now exists, and make sure you place your bets on Pokémon Go!

The Pokémon Go frenzy continues this week as Sportsbet releases a series of novelty bets on the game. You can bet on how long before the app is top selling on iTunes, whether Pokémon Go or Twitter will have more users in 2016 and who will be the first politian to give the gaming app a whirl in parliament.

Despite a whopping 132% stream increase, taking total video views to 751 billion, YouTube’s pay out to artists and content curators only increased by 15%. Is this perhaps reflective of a decrease in ad share revenue?

This is one for all the baby mammas (and papas) out there! In an age where technology is everything (come on, let’s not deny it), a stroller that charges your phone as you walk is surely a must-have for any new parent.

Buzzwords and acronyms can often blindside a newcomer in the creative agency world, but having an award-winning piece of content isn’t always what your client needs. Think outside the box, but remember to acknowledge the obvious when overcoming the ‘three-month slump’ of branded content.

Online customer experience is a huge part of any business these days, so what can we do to maximise positive outcome? Use data wisely, take customer service to the social realms and offer flexible solutions.



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