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Five things in five minutes
Friday 1 July, 2016

From how to market to Gen Z, lessons we can learn from Apple Music, tips on making your Facebook business page stand out to humanising your brand, we’ve got your covered in this week’s blog.  

Gen Z are arguably the smartest generation, having grown up in a time when technology was common place. They are a generation that aren’t anti-corporate or anti-brand, but they’re savvy; they’ll smell BS from a mile away.

Happy first birthday to Apple Music! There are seven key learnings from the music giant’s first year, including the fact that you don’t need a free tier offering to get people to pay for a service, competition is always healthy and it’s not always humans versus algorithms.

Facebook business pages can be a confusing maze to navigate, but in nailing your ‘about’ section, making your page visually appealing and refining your advertising target groups, your page can be on-fleek in no time

Apps can change more than just the way you communicate. Copia is a new app that provides an on-demand food donation service that offers an easy way for businesses to donate their uneaten food to nearby shelters. 

The Sydney Morning Herald has hosted moving images of Malcolm Turnbull, Bill Shorten, Julie Bishop, Kevin Rudd and Christopher Pyne on Instagram, showcasing that a simple image can often cut through your audience faster than spoken or written word. A great way to humanise your brand.

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