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Five things in five minutes
Friday 17 June, 2016

This week we explore Kim Kardashian’s mobile marketing lessons, the reality of #foodporn, Snapchat’s advertising avenues, how to not be an infographic troll and the importance of data breach education.

We’re all guilty of using and abusing the #foodporn hashtag on Instagram… is there really any other way to decide what to have for dinner? A new study shows that Australians are using technology to enhance the dining experience, which means it’s totally normal to rearrange your entire table for the perfect photo, right?

Have you downloaded Snapchat for your brand, but you haven’t really been taking the time to use its features? Tech entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk says it’s a grave mistake to neglect the social media app, and that it’s imperative we explore its advertising functionalities.

Everyone is into infographics because they provide easy, bite-sized communication, but before you post you should ask yourself if you’re a troll or a thought leader.

Data breaches are a real thing, and they happen to small businesses as well as large enterprises. You may not have access to IT resources to repel cyber attacks that could lead to data breaches, but there are ways you can reduce the risk of your data being stolen.

Who woulda thunk it, but it seems Kim Kardashian has something to teach us. The launch of Kardashian’s emoji app Kimoji has shown the value of app personalisation and how it can help dominate the mobile medium. And let’s not pretend… there are some pretty great emojis in there.

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