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Five things in five minutes
Friday 3 June, 2016

From content cheating, how to get a pay rise in marketing, apps for the hipster community and good old content marketing tips, this weeks Five Things in Five Minutes covers all the big topics. 

Is content cheating worse than actual, real-life cheating? Netflix has introduced commitment rings to stop ‘Netflix infidelity’ among the binge-watching couples out there. 

These days there are applications for everything. You can find the nearest toilet in the CBD and send photos that expire after 10 seconds, and now you can find your very own hipster home. ‘Where is Williamsburg’ is built specifically for hipsters to their very own Williamsburg, outside of Brooklyn. 

Do you conform to slacktivism? Sensis Social Media Report states that people aged 30-49 are more likely to engage in ‘slacktivism’ than 18-29 year olds. It also tells us that the average user spends 12.5 hours a week on Facebook, up four hours since 2015.

The result of merging the worlds of content and marketing can produce outstanding results for your marketing campaign. If that’s not reason enough to put your content curator hat on, then maybe the fact that it could lead to a pay rise might pique your interest.

Firebrand has put together a CMO guide to mapping the customer journey. The article touches on customer advocacy, customers being a part of creating a brand message and the importance of research, and is definitely one for the marketers out there.  

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