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Five things in five minutes
Friday 27 May, 2016

Twitter drops a bombshell on GIFs and links, we explore the importance of data and whether or not we can actually trust it, and Wattpad has become the hottest new influencer platform. 

Our world is about to change, because Twitter has made the all-important announcement that GIFs and video links will no longer count toward its 140-character word limit. Hurrah! 

Data is taking over the analysis of a customer’s experience, but it’s far too easy to mould that data to tell the story you want it to. Never underestimate the power of the age-old face-to-face conversation and traditional marketing techniques to connect with your audience and find out what they really want. 

There is an art to creating an effective, engaging marketing strategy, and it’s centred around a diagnosis of your current situation and using that diagnosis to implement a set of defined action points. 

In keeping with the theme of data for this week’s newsletter, Tyler Greer gives us a range of examples to shed light on whether or not we can trust the data we receive.

Wattpad introduces Wattpad Studios, a program that lets brands use the platform as a content hub, which has positioned Wattpad as the hottest new influencer marketing platform. 


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