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Five things in five minutes
Friday 29 April, 2016

Ah, who doesn't need a blood-pressure-lowering picture of a cute puppy on a Friday? It's relevant, we promise, so read on and enjoy the latest Five Things in Five Minutes.

This week we saw the power of the internet in the very best way with our exclusive ABC News story, ‘Don’t pat my Guide Dog’ for Guide Dogs NSW/ACT’s International Guide Dog Day. The video well and truly went viral on Facebook, with 3.3 million video views, 1,800 comments, 17,000 likes and more than 65,000 shares, making it the second most-viewed online story ever for ABC News.

Just like its primary user base, Snapchat is just growing up so fast! A new report by Bloomberg confirms what we were all thinking - the photo and video sharing app has exploded with users now watching 10 billion videos a day, up from 8 billion in February this year. One to watch!

Meanwhile, social stalwart Twitter has revealed Q1 earnings of $595m, which it states is at the lower end of its guidance range. Twitter is pinning the slow growth blame on brand marketers not increasing spend as quickly as it expected in the first quarter.

In more worrying news for the tech giant, Apple has revealed iPhone sales are down for the first time in 10 years after shipping 51 million phones this quarter, down from 75 million in the same period last year. Apple is confident that the release of its smaller and cheaper iPhone SE will boost sales for Q2.

Lifehacker has revealed 17 Facebook hacks everyone should know, and we assure you this is not a drill. Have you ever wanted to soft publish photos on your business or personal page, see all photos shared in a conversation or even enable graph searches for the times you’ve forgotten where you found links and videos? Look no further. 

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