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Five things in five minutes
Friday 22 April, 2016

How many websites does Google actually search? How can you help your child become a technology hacker? TV or YouTube advertising? We tell you in this week’s blog.

YouTube or TV for your advertising?  YouTube analysed 56 international case studies to show the effectiveness of its pre-roll advertising offering. The results show that 77 percent of YouTube campaigns will give you a higher return on investment than a TV advertising campaign. TV might beg to differ of course.

Facebook live streaming is the new way to broadcast announcements, interact with consumers and add a touch of realism beyond an Instagram photo to your brand. Buzzfeed live streamed an exploding watermelon and attracted more than 10 million views and over 320,000 comments, proving that the platform is no joke.

Danny Sullivan, founder of Search Engine Land, has revealed 10 big changes he has witnessed in his 20 years of covering search engines. Sullivan also touches on the interesting concept that Apple didn’t invent the smart phone and Google didn’t event the search engine. 

Do you have dreams for your child to become a technology hacker? Toys and kits designed to teach children hacking and basic programming skills now exist. The toys include recipes for the child to follow and encourage thinking there are infinite ways of piecing a puzzle together.

Did you know that it takes a scan of 60 trillion web pages to return a Google search result? Understanding the inner workings of the world’s most trusted search engine is the key to any successful online campaign. From web crawlers and algorithms through to indexing and trusted domains, this article that will give you all the insights you need.


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