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Five things in five minutes
Friday 1 April, 2016

From influencers to YouTube stars and Snapchat updates, this week’s newsletter is your online update!

It’s a move we have all been waiting for and it’s huge. IAB and Nielsen have announced the fusion of multiple data sets, which will create a total audience overview of the digital landscape. The comprehensive data set will look at the traffic that social networking channels are garnering and, unsurprisingly, the numbers are phenomenal. 

Access has launched a content division called Cute on Call. The division will offer a range of adorable puppies, kittens, babies and bunnies for promotions and original content, and will include a selection of ugly babies for brands who want that extra bit of attention. 

In an era where Internet is killing the TV star, YouTube Red is adding reality style shows to its monthly subscription offering and will reach Australia in the coming months. In addition to ad-free videos, offline viewing and free access to Google Play Music, subscribers will have access to exclusive content from some of YouTube’s biggest stars. 

Leading influencer aggregator Hypetap has launched a solution to the Instagram algorithm change that is set to cause certain upheaval in the influencer world. In creating its own tool that measures the new Instagram algorithm, Hypetap will allow users to gauge the weight of their influence on Instagram.  This will also allow potential influencers to assess their chances of acceptance before applying for an invitation to join Hypetap, something that has never been offered before.  

Alongside the launch of Chat 2.0, Snapchat is implementing Auto-Advance Stories. This will see social and brand stories play back-to-back without the need to push an extra button, which in turn will maximise the exposure opportunity for all brands on the service.   

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