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Five things in five minutes
Friday 11 March, 2016

Looking cute when the apocalypse comes - this week's blog is on fleek.

If the idea of driverless cars freak you out, then probably best to stop reading now, as Google has been experimenting with new smartphone technology which allows you to transact with the words “I’ll pay with Google”. Hands Free uses a range of smartphone features including WiFi and Bluetooth to detect when you’re in a retailer, and when you come to make a payment, you give the cashier your initials which they check against their payment account for you and voila. And we thought PayPal was dangerous.

Social media can be blamed for many of society’s ills – belfies, adult onset ADHD and vaguebooking chief among them – but one possible upside being investigated by UK researchers is the plummeting rate of teenage pregnancies. The theory goes that because teens are spending more time by themselves on social media, they’re spending less time going out, getting drunk and finding themselves doing the walk of shame.

Canadian app GasBuddy (surely they should have considered naming it PetrolM8?) this week launched in Australia bringing with it the best bits of the internet of things: the ability to crowdsource the cheapest fuel and game the system, hooray!

If your online youth patois game isn’t on fleek, not to worry, the UK website has your back. Their section on online teen speak covers all the basics so you’re never again confused when a young person in your life tells you your new outfit is hella fierce.

Climate change, the spectre of Donald Trump becoming US president – there are many indicators that the end is nigh, and the great thing is that when the four horsemen of the apocalypse do arrive, you can look totally cute for them thanks to the new web series End Times Girls’ Club. Enjoy!

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