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Five things in five minutes
Thursday 4 February, 2016

Super SuperBowl ads, proof that The Simpsons still rule and Matt Barrie goes viral

SuperBowl Monday is almost here, and you know what that means… some serious advertisers have released some seriously impressive SuperBowl ads. Thanks to the good ol’ world wide web, though, there’s no need for kickoff. Our favourite so far?  Bud Light Party.

Instagram announced on Wednesday it is making available 60 second video ads. T-Mobile TSA has already experimented with the new format, launching an extended version of its SuperBowl ad featuring Drake.

Have you found yourself coming up short of the appropriate Simpsons meme? Not to worry, Frinkiac has you covered. Launching this week, the dedicated Simpsons search engine offers up over three million screenshots for your internet pleasure. It’s completely addictive.

In case you missed it the latest homegrown piece to go viral was CEO Matt Barrie’s meaty 8,400-word piece posted on LinkedIn this week. “Will the last person to leave Sydney turn the lights out” has attracted massive attention, with the piece being viewed by more than 458,000.   

And Australians took hashtag to the streets last night with the #LetThemStay campaign rallying thousands of protesters across the country fighting the latest High Court ruling to send 267 people back to Nauru.

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