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Five things in five minutes
Thursday 7 January, 2016

A captivating puddle, lengthy tweets and waving goodbye to Internet Explorer. 2016 is off to a good start! 

Sydney isn’t the only place that’s had a deluge of rain. A puddle in the north of England became the must-watch event of the year so far with over half a million people tuning into Periscope to watch how pedestrians navigated the body of water. A number of brands jumped on board too. 

Snapchat is closing its lens store to focus on advertising and is currently working on an API that would let partners start buying ads with more precision and frequency. The good news is that it’s still being used by some people in cute and creative ways, like this dad who turns his baby into superheroes

Instagram’s Spotlight Compilations proved popular enough during the holidays that it’s being carried on with spontaneous themes. One of the main differences between this and Snapchat’s Live Stories is that each of the videos is attributed to its creator, helping spread the word about the talented people using the platform. 

It’s been confirmed that 140 characters is no longer your limit as Twitter is building a feature to let users share longer tweets and paves the way for Twitter to actually host content. 

RIP Internet Explorer. As of 12 January Microsoft is ending support for the forgotten superstar of web browsing. 

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