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The media ecosystem is dynamic and spokespeople now need to be confident and comfortable with live video interviews in their homes, podcasts, streamed panels and social media, as well as traditional media.

Our highly tailored, interactive media training covers a range of options from full-day training for groups, to one-on-one sessions, to media 101 programs and key messaging workshops.

Participants learn how media really works, how to fully prepare for interviews and practice techniques with on-camera and audio interviews.

Additionally, one of the most valuable things we provide during our sessions is workshopping how to develop and deliver individual key messaging and narratives.

Every session is specifically tailored to reflect real-world situations that participants face – not fictional scenarios that may never happen.

Our media training programs are available both in-person and remotely – often a combination of both.

Additionally, we include one-on-one follow up sessions as part of full-day training to provide more practice and develop more confidence.

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